SavaSocket Multi-Socket 6 - The most efficient Energy Saving product on the planet

This Multi-Socket 6 is the Original environmentally-friendly, energy-saving, surge-protected, power strip standby saver for the home and work, that cuts your electricity bill on average by £85* per year or more. It gives you the ablity to switch off connected appliances completely off standby at the source, just by using your own remote control, such as the one for the TV, Video, DVD player/recorder, Sky+ box or Freeview and thus prevents standby power being wasted. The Most Energy Efficient in the world...

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*Source: Energy Saving Trust (26 June 2012) Groundbreaking study reveals hidden costs of powering our homes
Savasocket Mobile - Prevents Standby Power Waste

This eco-friendly little standby saver saves 100% of wasted electricity and money by cutting the power off a charger once its battery is fully charged. No Standby = No Waste. So mobile phone chargers etc. that are left plugged in all day and all night arn't left only charging your electricity bill. The indicator light shows while its charging and goes off when its charged the battery so you can see when its done – handy! There is a convenient reset* button for the next item to be charged up i.e. the next mobile phone, battery charger, games console, palm pilot, mp3 player, camera, etc. (*saves unplugging it and plugging back in)

Super Simple, Save Energy, Save Money, SAVASOCKET

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  • SavaSocket is a Grand Designs Awards Winner
  • EcoSmart Technology Inside
  • Act On Co2 logo and link to standby saving page
  • Resource Efficiency Yorkshire
  • Yorkshire Forward CIC Winner
  • RoHS and WEEE compliant product Passed. Authority for the Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment
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Households leave televisions on for six hours a day the Energy Saving Trust has said. Across the UK, households could be losing 1.3 billion by not fully switching off computers, televisions and other electronic devices, the research from the Energy Saving Trust and two government departments revealed.
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